Stamps n' Stuff/Professional Mailing Service


Stamps n' Stuff/Professional Mailing Service

Stamps & Stuff, a multi-faceted mailing company, enables businesses of all sizes to outsource their critical mailing and fulfillment needs. As an expert in this field, Stamps & Stuff is knowledgeable in the latest postal rates, regulations and requirements. Stamps & Stuff has not only proven to be a cost benefit to area businesses, but has also resulted in substantial reductions in in-house labor costs as well as reallocation of valuable staff resources. One of our specialties is processing odd sized jobs that would not be appropriate for large metering equipment.

As a flexible letter shop service, Stamps & Stuff can handle small and large assignments and will coordinate all aspects of the job, including: packaging, sealing, metering, print runs, bulk mailing, postal deposits, communication with printers, tracking of fulfillment orders, and delivery of product to the designated post office. Mailing lists can be forwarded to us to be processed through our software to meet all postal requirements and save you money on postage costs. Our capabilities allow us to tell you the quickest and most cost-effective mechanism for mailing your letter or product.

In addition, customers such as Southern Connecticut Gas, can count on us to store materials and fulfill orders on a customer-demand or product-initiated system with monthly summaries of activity available for review. An added service is our ability to customize information for distribution groups or on an individual basis. Recent customers have included: Southern Connecticut Gas, BIC Corporation, College Navigator, Advanced Radiology, Subway, Yale University, Bridgeport Housing Authority and Sikorsky.

For more information, please contact 203.375.5500.