The Application Process

Current Kennedy Center Employees

Any qualified employee may apply for a new position as long as that position remains available, the employee has been employed in their current position for one year and is currently not in a provisional period. These conditions may only be waived by the President and CEO or his/her designee. The initial request must be sent to, and approved by the immediate Supervisor and divisional Vice President prior to being forwarded to the President and CEO.

The President and CEO or his designee shall place on the bulletin board a notice of any position opening. A qualified employee applying for a new position within five (5) working days of posting shall be guaranteed an interview. When grant or contract positions are posted, the posting will indicate the salary of the specific position and that the position is grant or contract funded.

To apply for a posted position, qualified employees should send a letter of intent to the Vice President of Human Resources. The letter should include where the employee is currently working, what the employees' current position is, how long the employee has been working at the Agency, what skills have been developed while in their position and what interested the employee in the new position. Once the letter is received by Human Resources, interviews will be scheduled with a minimum of two (2) levels of supervisors from the department posting the position. The Recruiter will also contact the divisional Vice President of the employee to inform them of the employee's interest in changing positions. Employees are also encouraged to speak with their current supervisor regarding their desire to move forward in their career. Should an employee not be offered the position, a Recruiter and a supervisor who was present at the interview will meet with the employee together to offer feedback and support.

The agency's pilot program allows current employees with 5 years of Kennedy Center experience and a high school diploma or 3 years experience and an associate's degree to apply for positions that normally require a bachelor's degree. To become eligible, employees will need to have all of their certifications and mandatory trainings current and complete a writing sample. Positions in the pilot program are posted at both the Reservoir and Lindeman Drive locations.

If a current staff member (both on-call and regular) is interested in working additional hours in another position within the agency, the employee must submit a letter of interest to the Vice President of Human Resources as outlined previously. The internal staff member would then be interviewed by two levels of supervisors and a tracer would be completed and forwarded to Human Resources. Employees may not work in any additional positions without first receiving an on-call letter. Once the letter is received, employees may only work up to 40 hours and must receive administrative approval to work overtime.

All Other Applicants Seeking Employment with The Kennedy Center, Inc.

You may apply for any available position by submitting a resume and cover letter. You can email your resume and cover letter to Human Resources ( If you do not have a resume you may print an application and fax it to 203.371.1479. Please do not email applications. The agency's pilot program allows external candidates with 7 years of experience and a high school diploma or 5 years experience and an associate's degree to apply for positions that normally require a bachelor's degree. Kennedy Center Employment Application Once the application is complete, click on print file and fax to 203.371.1479. Please do not email the application.

Timing and response after submitting a resume

After submitting your application materials to The Kennedy Center by email, you will receive an automated response indicating the receipt of your resume. If you fax your materials or complete an application at one of our offices, you will only be contacted by a Kennedy Center recruiter if you are deemed most qualified.

Due to the large volume of resumes and applications we receive, we ask that you do not inquire via telephone about the status of your application. You can be assured that if you do not hear from us that your resume/application will be held for one year for future consideration.

Meeting with Kennedy Center recruiters

Applicants who are deemed most qualified will be contacted for further consideration by a Kennedy Center recruiter. As well, The Kennedy Center attends several local and regional recruiting job fairs and recruits on many college and university campuses.