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Opportunities Unlimited

The Kennedy Center's Opportunities Unlimited supports children ages 3-21 with special needs in recreation, socialization and education programs in the community through a core group of trained volunteers, many of whom are recruited through local high schools and universities. All volunteers complete a formal and individualized training and are provided with ongoing supervision by skilled staff. The program supports pre-schoolers to teens in a wide variety of activities based on family choice including: dance classes, computer programs, basketball and soccer teams, swim lessons, etc. and is free of charge. Children requiring the “hands on” services of a trained staff can be accommodated on a fee for service basis. Please see Individualized Support Services.
For further information, please contact our Youth Inclusion Coordinator, 203-332-4535, ext. 268 or email.

  • “I can’t say enough great things about the Opportunities Unlimited programs The Kennedy Center runs. My son is involved with a 1:1 support as well as attending the social/ recreation group. He enjoys attending this group and has acquired friendships with other group members. This group gives him an opportunity to get out of the house and socialize with peers his own age. When he gets home he looks at the calendar and counts down the days until the next group. I am so grateful of the hard work and dedication of The Kennedy Center staff.”

    Diane Quranta- Mother of group participant for two years