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The Kennedy Center provides comprehensive Employment Planning & Job Placement services to help you secure the most ideal position to meet your needs. We take the time to learn about your skills, abilities, interests and desires so that we can help you identify and secure the most ideal job match. The Kennedy Center employment staff are knowledgeable about the local job market and provide the assistance you need to achieve your employment goals. We offer an array of options that will help you to be successful.

For more information, please contact The Kennedy Center Intake and Transition Services Manager at 203.365.8522 ext. 248 or email.

  • “I have always been very impressed with how The Kennedy Center gives people with special needs an opportunity to work. I love my visits to one of their worksites, Stamps & Stuff, since everyone there is so excited when you drop off work for them. What a great organization!”
    Bill Llewellyn
    owner of Universal Printing