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Throughout the years The Kennedy Center Mobility Services has developed and published a variety of materials:

A Chance to Ride
Introducing Young Adults with Autism to Independent Travel

"A Chance to Ride" is a curriculum developed by The Kennedy Center to teach young adults on the autism spectrum to travel independently using public transportation. This product was created with funding generously provided by Autism Speaks

A Chance to Ride Introduction
A Chance to Ride Lesson 1
A Chance to Ride Lesson 2
A Chance to Ride Lesson 3
A Chance to Ride Lesson 4
A Chance to Ride Lesson 5
A Chance to Ride Lesson 6
Individualized Training Lesson
A Chance to Ride Resources & Credits

PowerPoint Presentations
Lesson 1 Level 2
Lesson 2 Level 1
Lesson 2 Level 2
Lesson 3 Level 1
Lesson 3 Level 2
Pedestrian Safety Video - Lesson 3 Level 2
Lesson 4 Level 1, 2, 3
Lesson 4 Level 4

The Family Guide To Travel Training
A straight forward, easy to read guide containing excellent information for travel training programs to hand out to the family considering travel training for their relative.
Price: $9.95

The Travel Training Guide
The Kennedy Center’s Travel Training Program is structured to teach the mastery of the skills needed to competently and efficiently gain the ability and confidence to travel independently. This guide has been developed to assist a trainer to teach in all phases of the process. It is designed to teach any person with any disability, excluding those individuals who may be eligible for services through agencies for the blind or severely visually impaired.
Price: $14.95

If you are interested in purchasing and would like to charge to a credit card, please click here. If you prefer to pay by check, please send check or money order with this form to:
The Kennedy Center
Attn: Mobility Services
2440 Reservoir Avenue
Trumbull, CT 06611
For further assistance, please contact The Kennedy Center Director of Mobility Services at 203-365-8522, ext. 265 or email.

Transportation Resources

National and State Agencies

Federal Transit Administration -- www.fta.dot.gov/civil_rights.html
Connecticut Association for Community Transportation -- www.cact.info
Community Transportation association of America -- www.ctaa.org
Connecticut Department of Transportation -- www.ct.gov/dot
Easterseals Project ACTION -- www.projectaction.org
Connectability -- www.connect-ability.com
American Public Transportation Association – www.apta.com
Association of Travel Instruction - www.travelinstruction.org

Connecticut Transportation Agencies

Housatonic Area Transit -- www.hartct.org
Southestern Area Transit -- www.seat.com
Greater Hartford Transit District- - www.hartfordtransit.org
Greater new haven transit District -- www.gnhtd.org
Central Connecticut Regional Planning Association -- www.ccrpa.org
Valley Transit District -- www.valleytransit.org
Windham Area Transit -- www.wrtd.net
Greater Waterbury Transit -- www.gwtd.org
CTTransit -- www.cttransit.com
Estuary Area Transit -- www.estuarytransit.org
Northwest Area Transit -- www.nwcttransit.com
Norwalk Transit -- www.norwalktransit.com
Greater Bridgeport Transit -- www.gogbt.com
or Local bus service

Other Resources

Regional Workforce Development Boards

The Work Place -- www.workplace.org
Northwest regional -- workforce www.nrwib.org
Eastern Connecticut -- Workforce Investment Board www.ewib.org
Capital Workforce -- www.capitalworkforce.org
Workforce Alliance -- www.workforcealliance.biz