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Charitable gifts of furnishings and equipment fill an important role in The Kennedy Center's mission to provide quality services to our consumers. All donations must be in working order and suitable for immediate use. The condition of each item must be good-to-excellent in order for The Kennedy Center to accept. Also, being a non-profit organization - paying for the disposal fees for non-usable items is not within our budget. Unfortunately, there are instances where we must say "No, Thank You."

What The Kennedy Center Needs:

  • furniture
  • electronic equipment
  • small appliances
  • vehicles
Donations of clothing, jewelry or other small items are also accepted at our New and Nearly New Shop managed by The Kennedy Center Auxiliary. The shop is located at 2323 Barnum Avenue, Stratford, CT, 203.377.5669 and all proceeds benefit The Kennedy Center.

If you are interested in making a donation to The Kennedy Center, please contact the Vice President of Development at 203.365.8522, ext. 2049 or email.