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After School / Summer Supports

The Kennedy Center Individualized Support Services area addresses the individual and community based, year round interests and needs of children, teens and young adults with special needs. Skilled professionals and/or volunteers can provide services individually or in groups.

The following Services and Programs are offered:
Summer Camp Support Services

A partner with the Lakewood/Trumbull YMCA's Camp Tepee, The Kennedy Center has been providing individual support services through a care of professionally supervised volunteers. Parents are responsible for camp fees however specialized support services are provided at no additional cost. For information, please call The Kennedy Center Childrens Services at 203-332-4535, Ext. 2310 or email.

Recreation/Social Groups

These group programs are open to teens and young adults with disabilities, ages 12-21 interested in making new friends. Typical peer role models often participate in group offerings. In-house and community-based recreation, socialization and educational activities are offered. Groups are designed for individuals who are independent in their self-care skills and do not require intensive behavioral and/or physical intervention. For more information, please contact The Kennedy Center Youth and Family Enrichment Services Coordinator at 203-612-6111 or email.