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independent living skills the kennedy center

Independent Living Skills Training

The Kennedy Center Independent Living Skills Training (ISLT) Services provide one-to-one professional assessment and training to assist the individual in gaining knowledge and skills in the following areas: Personal Life Management, Communication Skills, Problem Solving, Personal Finance Management and Household Maintenance.

Independent Living Skills Training assists with:

  • Social Skill Building: assisting an individual to learn the skills needed to interact within their community and access local social events as well as participating in opportunities offered by the ABI Program.
  • Cognitive Retraining: an opportunity to enhance memory, problem solving, judgment and other executive functions through the use of such assistive technology as a computer or other appropriate devices or situations. It may be provided within the home or in the community. It can build upon such skills as reading, writing, arithmetic, planning, and executing activities.
  • Compensatory Strategy Development: in order to assist an individual in accepting his/her deficits or physical limitations, we will assist in the development alternative ways of doing tasks and performing activities.