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counseling services

Counseling Services Coordination

The Kennedy Center provides Case Management and Service Coordination to assist and ensure all pertinent services available to the individual are secured and maintained for optimum success. Individuals are assigned a staff person who is considered their “Case Manager.” Your Case Manager helps you to reflect, identify and then set specific goals and outcomes for services. Assistance may be offered in coping with everyday issues that may arise within the workplace; support and guidance on personal issues; technical assistance and training regarding learning new skills; and/or support regarding overall life planning.

The Kennedy Center believes that every person guides his/her services and our Case Managers act as advocates to help you achieve your personal goals. We work collaboratively with other parties to ensure that all services are coordinated and implemented in a seamless manner.

For more information, please contact The Kennedy Center Intake & Transition Manager at 203-365-8522 ext. 248 or email.