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Senior Options

Welcome to The Kennedy Center’s Senior Options Program, where we provide older adults with disabilities the opportunity to explore alternatives in their lives and give them choices relating to work, social and leisure experience, community involvement and self-awareness.

Our program site, located in Trumbull, provides a level of security, safety and comfort. Services are provided Monday through Friday 8am-4pm. Transportation can be arranged.

History of Senior Options

The Senior Options Program began in 1989 as a part-time work, part-time activity program to facilitate the transition from work to retirement activities for consumers age 50 and older. Today we provide services for up to 28 participants ranging in age from 50 to 80 years on a full or part-time basis.


With a program staff of seven, we provide individualized services and offer our highly diverse (in terms of culture, age, interests and abilities) group of seniors supportive transition to non-vocational opportunities.

A staff R.N. is available to the Senior Options group for services such as ongoing assessments and the monitoring of health status.

A typical program day includes:

  • Health and physical fitness programs
  • In-house and community social, recreational, educational and therapeutic programs
  • Expressive Arts Programs
  • Coffee and Lunch
  • Community Service Involvement
  • Intergenerational Programs
  • Cultural enrichment

Academic Training Site

Since 1995, the Senior Options Program has served as an excellent training ground for students of surrounding colleges and universities in the areas of gerontology, human services, occupational therapy, rehabilitation, counseling and psychology. Several of the interns have gone on to become valuable employees of the agency.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Senior Options Program welcomes volunteers who would like to share their talents on a one-time or ongoing basis in areas such as: woodworking, painting or drawing, needlework, singing, crafts of all kinds, computer skills, reading and writing, cooking, photography, or music appreciation. We also encourage volunteers who would like to share their musical talents, to play board games, to read out loud or tell stories, or to let others experience the world through photographs and stories of their own travels.

For more information, please contact the Senior Options Program Manager at 203-372-2111 or email.