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Working Interview

working interview

Do you ever choke up during an interview? Forget to put your best foot forward? Get nervous that you may not be able to do the job? Have you ever wanted to try out something before you buy it? Well a working interview follows the same type of concept only it is with work. You get to try out a job before you commit to taking the job. It also allows an employer to try you out before they commit to hiring you. A working interview gives you the opportunity to "interview" a job by performing the job requirements before actually committing to the position.

How it works:

An employer has a position he wants to fill. We present you as a viable candidate based on our initial employment plan. You work in the position just as if the employer hired you, however, you are paid minimum wage by The Kennedy Center for the duration of your interview. If you are successful in your performance the employer may offer you the job and you may accept. Once hired by the employer, you are paid the prevailing wage the employer pays anyone else starting in that position.