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Individual Job Planning and Job Placement

The Kennedy Center Job Placement

Job Placement is the process of helping you find a permanent position in the competitive labor market based on your employment goals and your interests. Once you and your Kennedy Center Employment Specialist have determined which type of work you are interested in, they will assist you in finding opportunities in the community that will meet your needs and expectations. You are an important part of the process! Your input and collaboration with your Kennedy Center Employment Specialist will ensure that opportunities are developed that match your interests. Once an opportunity is secured, you are hired directly by the company and you will be paid no less than minimum wage for your work. Beginning a job that was developed by your Employment Specialist means that you are an employee of that business, and it is anticipated that you will follow your employer’s policies and procedures. In some instances, your Kennedy Center Employment Specialist can be present during the beginning of your employment in order to provide you with Job Training and Support.