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ADA Paratransit Consultation

ADA Paratransit Consultation Program was originally started to assist paratransit agencies to implement a functionally based eligibility process for ADA paratransit.

Such a process promotes:

  • Assurance that the applicant’s rights are protected
  • Enhanced customer service
  • The dissemination of information about the service to the applicant
  • An awareness of the rider’s needs to better serve them
The Kennedy Center is a vital asset to transit agencies in CT.

We have:

  • Worked with 7 different transit agencies to implement an interview assessment process for ADA paratransit applicants.
  • Developed training materials for determining ADA Eligibility.
  • Consulted on a variety of issues that have arisen while providing service.
  • Provided training to transit staff on the requirements of the ADA.
  • Developed “What’s your Policy?”, a guide designed to assist transit agencies in designing and reviewing their paratransit policies.
  • Presented the program at statewide and national venues.
  • Trained and supervised staff to conduct paratransit eligibility reviews on a temporary basis.
Funded by the Connecticut Department of Transportation

Links to all Paratransit Providers

For more information, please contact the Senior Transit Assessment Coordinator at (203) 365-8522, ext. 2061 or email.